IT & Software Services

Prayan Resources provides Skilled and Technical Human Resources to various multi-national industries for over a decade. Through its American and Indian, partner organisations, it has gained knowledge and access to expertise in the Information Technology Healthcare and the software industry. Prayan Resources is now looking to offer the services of these experts to the North American industry.

Our strengths include:

  • IT infrastructure support and management – Physical and Cloud
  • Linux Support
  • Virtualize physical servers – Migration to Cloud
  • Provide DevOps support
  • Provide support for databases (Oracle, Postgres, MySQL)

We also provide the following as Full time Associated Employees or as Part time Contract:

  • IT administration and network Engineers
  • Software Developers in Java and Microsoft Technologies
  • Database Engineers

Our facilities include high-speed internet, power backup, air-conditioned environment and a communication platform. Our services also include performance reporting, bookkeeping and miscellaneous support and retention programs.

Our Advantages include:

  • Ability understand individual business needs and requirements
  • Access to an Experienced and Skilled Individual / Team at a significantly lower cost*
  • Access to a back-office without the hassles of managing it
  • Contracts with a North American entity
  • After Hours and Late night Support
  • Part time support also available
  • Ability to offer 24 x 7 x 365 Support
  • Make payments in local currency

Our Partner,

Fanestra India over the past few years has been providing smart development and support solutions to the Pertexa Group with an ‘out of Box’ thinking – see some of the products – Radekal and Roborita.

* When comparing individuals with equivalent skill and work experience. Subject to contractual agreements.

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